Founder’s Path

Valerie Dufix

Founder, Diamant Carré

If you want better than usual results, you need to know unusual people like Valerie Dufix.

The Founder of Diamant Carré understands the culture of three continents well. She was born in Lyon, France. Her father grew up in Paris and her Mom came from Cameroon. Her family is very close.  Meals consisted of lots a great food and long discussions.  Her aunts and uncles were business owners and loved to discuss their work, usually over dinner. During meals, Valerie learned details of their struggles running the businesses, while also being inspired by their hard work and dedication. This created a life-long love affair with finance and providing capital to business.

She acquired her degree in international business banking, finance and securities law at Université Blaise Pascal Clermont-Ferrand in France. After school, she began her finance career at the Paris headquarters of BNP Paribas, later moving to Wells Fargo in Los Angeles. At Wells, she would advance to become a Business Lending Manager and supervise a team of 35 Business bankers throughout the Division. This includes her oversight of a 35,000 loan portfolio throughout her 10 years there.

She opened Dufix Business Capital in 2015 (later to become Diamant Carré in 2021).

Valerie is known as a connector of people and businesses, through small groups and by speaking at public events.  She has presented at the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Event in 2017, CPA firm Marcum LLP, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, along with other venues.

Valerie continues to give back at the Pasadena Senior Center where she assists with project administration in her spare time.  Further, she is currently mentoring a young woman starting an educational business serving ability-challenged children.

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