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From heavy-duty equipment to general-purpose machines, Diamant Carré can help you finance the equipment your business needs.

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~ David Hicok, ChFC • Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Get the funding you need while, experiencing a streamlined process.

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Your Competitors Move Quickly

Loyalty is important, but there is a minimum requirement for staying ahead of the competition, so you have to keep up with the technology. Don’t let your competitors offer something you can’t. Being ahead of the curve is critical. You know that the minute the market hears that you have the latest box or machine, they’ll come running to learn all about it. Loyalty only goes as far as your ability to provide what they need. These “new clients” are abandoning a less prepared company, hoping to gain an edge.

Manufacturing Methods Change Quickly

We help manufacturers and companies in other industries stay up to speed on the latest changes. Do you need to make sure you can change quickly to stay competitive? From heavy equipment to general-purpose machines, Diamant Carré has the clarity to know which lender is in the best position to help you finance the equipment your business needs to compete.

Our Process Moves Quickly

New equipment purchases can be a cost or tax-effective option for your business. With our streamlined documentation process, we have proficiency in processing Heavy Equipment Loans. With our extensive market clarity, we’ll find you loans with the best terms, and the highest quality, to get you funded in a timely manner.

We are well connected with a network of heavy equipment brokers that are ready to bid on your existing equipment to help you collateralize your loan, enhancing your loan to value, and assuring the best rate.

Diamant Carré also suggests manufacturers, and other users of heavy equipment have strategic “dry powder.” Have credit available on short notice, ready to pounce on new opportunities that offer new capability and efficiency as soon as they come to market. The rate of technological change is accelerating, which forces every company to be ready to adopt new tools and techniques rapidly…and ahead of competitors. Find out how we provide these services and access to technology in a cost-effective way.

We often discuss these ideas on our Ideas Which Help You Grow emails and our Growth Webinars. You can sign up for the emails and webinar notifications free in the bar at the top of the page. Find out how we provide these services and access to technology in a cost-effective way.

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