Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate could be one of the best investments you ever make. Whether you’ve successfully built your business from the ground up or you’re just starting out, owning a commercial property could be a wise investment, and the potential rewards even greater.

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~ Jason M. Sabaugh, CFP®, CEPA® • Account Vice President at UBS Financial Services, Inc.

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Our clients come to us for our reputation, that their loan will be closed as designed and on time.

We can handle those who desire such approval for high LTV loansSBA (504/7A), low documentation, speed-to-close, and sequential/refinancing to help you take advantage when an opportunity arises.  If you have the time for the process, SBA loans are also a great cost-saving option.

The small business sector in America occupies 30% to 50% of all commercial space — an estimated 20 billion to 34 billion square feet. Historically, and depending on the location, commercial properties have returned between 6% and 12% a year. That’s much higher than the average 1% to 4% of single-family residential properties. Therefore, good commercial properties don’t stay on the market long.

From manufacturing facilities, general purpose offices or buildings, medical offices, and more, there are many ways your business can benefit from owning commercial property: the ability to build equity, make your expenses more predictable, access to certain tax advantages, showing your brand and promoting the personality and culture of your business.

Maintaining, customizing and improving the quality of the property also helps better represent your business. It promotes strength and stability to the public.

Yet, buying commercial real estate can be complex (even for insider pros because industry preferences are ever shifting).

It takes time, research and planning to be successful. You can spend the time, or you can accelerate the process by using us.  We have the CRE professional network and an internal team of experts, who know the nuts and bolts of areas you may not be deeply familiar. Call and ask for the specific points we’d watch for, in any area you are considering.

Diamant Carré has the depth of market knowledge, insights and a hand on the “pulse” of financial information you need now.  Start us cutting through the clutter of your competition, and get you timely funding.

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