Please Get This Before You “Take Off”

Parachutes.  You want to look for them before you launch.  That’s why we ask you to start talking with us before you “take off” on your project.

We can rush a loan process, but it is not in your best interest. We like to refer to “The Iron Triangle.” There are three pieces to the triangle: Speed, Quality and Cost.

The joke is, you can pick only two (at most).

Our clients win, when we focus on quality and cost. There are lenders who do offer speed (we’ve even seen those that offer 36 hour approvals). When you see their terms, you know why. These lender’s margin of safety is huge. They take advantage of their clients desperation to get money fast. This can be from poor planning, or a deal that’s too good to pass up.

We’ll help you plan ahead. In fact, there will be a webinar coming up, where we will go into how to best to plan. You can register at Zoom for it here.

Remember, parachutes work best when the are packed slowly and released quickly.

Loans are the same.

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