Their Problems Are Your Opportunity


Let’s say your accounting area is weak.  They do their job, but they could be a lot more proactive.  Maybe your operations area is that way.  Sales could be also.  Let’s say there are 15 people on your sales staff.

Imagine hiring 15 people right now, by using one or more recruiters.  How long would it take you?  Our guess is it would take at least a 1 1/2 years or more.

Of course, you could buy a smaller competitor, who already as an effective sales team that works well together.

Now apply this to other areas, or even people.  Where are the shortcomings of your company? Everyone has them.

Here at the Diamant Carré, our job is to get you to approach things in a different way.  We’ve told you to borrow money, all throughout 2022, as the economy was slowing rapidly.  Clients who did borrow have firepower ready and waiting.  They understand the difference between being the hunter – and the hunted – in 2023.

Being the Hunted

You are 78 years old, you are the owner and you want to sell the company.  The firm needs much more that a new coat of paint and tires.  In residential real estate, homeowners, will pay more than 20% of a homes value to have someone else remodel it.  Remodeling is dirty, loud, disruptive, and frustrating.  That’s why so many people want someone else to do it.  Use the same model here, and capture that premium.

Apply this to companies.  We don’t flip companies (or homes) but we do fund corporate remodeling efforts.  We also have trusted partners who do know how to fix things.  Call us and we can talk about it with you.  Isn’t a 20% premium at sale worth a call?


Being the Hunter (with both)

“Faint Heart never one Fair Lady” is not just a saying.  It is also the image’s left panel of the painting by Thomas Hovendon (source)In it, he pictures himself with his future wife.  Clearly, both of them preferred the bold approach as they later married.  But is it enough to just able to tell a good story, so the company will sell itself to you?  NO.

The painting, on the right panel of the image, is “Cinderella in the Kitchen” by Charles Robinson (source).  You are looking for the undiscovered beauty as told in the story.  What is the dirt that can be washed off, how can the hair be styled by another, what is the grace that is waiting to be released?  That is where your research comes in, including your advisors (such as Diamant Carré).


Our Business Broker Relationships

We are not in the business of acting as a business broker.  Thus, there is usually a business broker that is involved in some part of the process.  Do you know any?  We’d be happy to talk to you about them.  Many have industry specializations.  We can also discuss our experience with them and the industry.

Begin – or Accelerate – the Research Process

We can help you begin, with either our internal information sources or through our networks.  A good place to start is in the general area.  While you may know of your direct competitors, there may also be units of companies that do highly-similar work but for different clients in the area.  We can help you build a list of candidates, based on your ability to fund the purchase.

We are excited as hell for 2023 to begin.  Let the game of success begin.


“Her insight and pulse on financial information influences my decision-making.”

~ Daniel Stover  –  Founder & CEO at Ensight Partners



Climb the Wall of Fear

Education is the enemy of fear. Let us know if we may educate you and your staff in a Zoom meeting, with suggestions on who to approach and how to finance it. You can use our ideas to get conversations going.  Our pre-qualification process can help you know how much to bid and get you to where you need to be with the acquisitionmuch fasterClick here to learn more




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