The signs are everywhere.  Fall colors, pumpkins out, sales on candy, kids smiling about Halloween.  You know what time it is, right?

It’s now the 2022 budget time!

Time to prepare it for your boss (or board)…and you just can’t wait 🙁

Here’s a suggestion: consider extending the maturity of your loans by refinancing now (while banks are beginning to slow down for the holidays).

Everyone is doing the same, asking “What are we going to do differently in 2022?”  With all the supply chain problems, we know a few things:

  1. The problems are likely to last through 2022;
  2. Businesses are going to have to invest in improvements in their supply chains;
  3. That will take money;
  4. And they’ll borrow to do it.

We are not seeing many manufacturers doing this right now.  Yes, they are considering opening new plants, but not in California. Plant development is going out of state.  But distribution systems (roads, ports, highways, electrical lines, warehouses, etc) will be very active.

We are expecting our best year yet in 2022.  We just want to see our friends get the 2021 loan terms.  Nationwide loan demand was slow in 2021.  It won’t be in 2022.

Get ready.. before your competitors…with funds on hand and expansion pre-designed.

Because many owners aren’t playing the ‘long game’ as it is too hard for many businesses to make a long-term forecast.  Make their lack of planning, your competitive edge.

Accelerate out of the Covid curve and ahead of your competition.

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