Replay – How To Save Money – using expense reduction expert – Ray Jansma


Ray Jansma, Expense Reduction AnalsystIt is an excellent time to revisit how your company handles expenses. Ray Jansma will discuss the types of clients engagements he’s had the most success with, and the path to higher profits he used at prior companies.  Does your company:

✔ Have a discount already, but think there could be more savings available?

✔ Want a specialist with industry insights on your side during supplier negotiation?

✔ Want to benchmark your purchasing performance?

✔ Need an additional resource to focus on indirect costs to improve margins?


If so, we (Ray of ERA) offer a solution. 

Here is the replay of Valerie’s interview with him:


Here is quick video about ERA by its Australian founder, Fred Marfleet:



Tomorrow/Tuesday Sept. 20th, at 11AM  Pacific, Ray is joining us to bring even more information on getting profits that are “out of sight.”  Learn more on our next interview on “Square Deals – Where Funding and Ideas Meet with Valerie Dufix.”


Our Host:

Valerie Dufix

Ms. Dufix is the Founder of Diamant Carré, a boutique financing firm based in Los Angeles. She worked for the 8th largest bank in the world in Paris – BNP Paribas before she was recruited by Wells Fargo. For 10 years there as a Business Lending Manager in Los Angeles, she coordinated, maintained, and supervised loan processing for small & mid-size business owners. In 2015, she opened the boutique firm in Beverly Hills.


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