Replay: The Hidden Funds Inside Your Business with Denise Boroff

Banks and other lenders are not the only sources of non-equity capital available to small and medium-sized businesses.

In this interview, Denise Boroff of The Necie Group will discuss other ways to recover funds at our next interview on “Square Deals – Where Money and Funding Meets, with Valerie Dufix.”

Our Speakers:

Bradford “Brad” Bach

Denise partners with CEO’s, CPA’s, executives, law firms, business consultants, solo entrepreneurs, and business professionals who seek her advice and want solutions to their complex business needs. She is a Broker and Solutions Specialist with 30 years of business experience — 10 of those years have been in the business-to-business sector.


Valerie Dufix

Ms. Dufix is the Founder of Diamant Carré, a boutique financing firm based in Los Angeles. She worked for the 8th largest bank in the world in Paris – BNP Paribas before she was recruited by Wells Fargo. For 10 years there as a Business Lending Manager in Los Angeles, she coordinated, maintained, and supervised loan processing for small & mid-size business owners. In 2015, she opened the boutique firm in Beverly Hills.


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