Replay: Hunting Acquisitions: A Tax CPA’s Perspective on M&A – George Shewchuk


Luck – and the IRS – look favorably on the prepared. 

Since January of 2022, Diamant Carré has forecast that 2023 will bring a large amount of acquisition opportunities.  These opportunities for the intersection of three factors: business owner demographics, a weak economic environment, and owner failures to “manage their companies for sale at any moment.”

In our webinar on 11/28, George and Valerie spoke about acquisition planning items to consider for 2023. You should attend this webinar if you are considering making an acquisition now, or want to be prepared for an unexpected acquisition (or sale) opportunity in the next 12 months.

We think fortunes will be made and lost next year.  Watch it below to hear more.

A Bit About Mr. Shewchuk:

George turns common mistakes into cash and net profits. You may not know, that the Rolling Stones consider the individual tax impact by line item for every part of their business on a pre-decision basis. George Shewchuk does too.   He counsels clients – and other CPA’s – about the tax nuances common to Merger and Acquisition accounting issues.  Many deals can be improved upon by considering the net cash impact (after any tax is applied) instead of working on a pretax basis and searching for the tax advantages later.

Stop by and hear things to consider for your next acquisition.  Learn more on our next interview on “Square Deals – Where Funding and Ideas Meet with Valerie Dufix.”



Our Host:

Valerie Dufix

Ms. Dufix is the Founder of Diamant Carré, a boutique financing firm based in Los Angeles. She worked for the 8th largest bank in the world in Paris – BNP Paribas before she was recruited by Wells Fargo. For 10 years there as a Business Lending Manager in Los Angeles, she coordinated, maintained, and supervised loan processing for small & mid-size business owners. In 2015, she opened the boutique firm in Beverly Hills.


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