Replay: The Key Point for Owners in Exit Planning is “Plan” with Charles Schapira

Pre-COVID, many business owners who were on the fence about selling their company. Recently they have been reaching out, now that COVID tensions are lessening. PE firms/investors were also sidelined during COVID and accumulated large cash reserves; this has led to an active market for both buyers and sellers.

In this interview, Charles Schapira of U-Turn Consulting discussed the need to “plan to plan, your business exit moves” at our next interview on “Square Deals – Where Money and Funding Meets, with Valerie Dufix.”



Our Speakers:

Charles Schapira

Charles Schapira

Charles is the owner of U-Turn Consulting and ‘Your EBITDA Optimist.’ He currently works with CEOs, COOs and CFOs on financial, executive and operational problems. Typical requested outcomes: to make their companies and employees more successful or 2) to make a successful business exit. Charles is a former business owner of a manufacturing company and later a Turnaround-CEO.


Valerie Dufix

Ms. Dufix is the Founder of Diamant Carré, a boutique financing firm based in Los Angeles. She worked for the 8th largest bank in the world in Paris – BNP Paribas before she was recruited by Wells Fargo. For 10 years there as a Business Lending Manager in Los Angeles, she coordinated, maintained, and supervised loan processing for small & mid-size business owners. In 2015, she opened the boutique firm in Beverly Hills.


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