“Getting New Clients By Exporting” with Elizabeth Glynn

With recessionary pressures building, we felt it was important to focus on ways to get new customers.   Elizabeth has worked at many levels of exporting, including payments, customs house and brokers, shipping and logistics.   Elizabeth joined us on June 21st to bring even more information on getting clients that are “out of sight.”

Ms. Glynn an “export-expert” with EMG Global Business Solutions, will discuss what you should consider, if you are thinking about growing your business overseas.

Our Speakers:

Elizabeth Glynn

LinkedIn Photo of Elizabeth GlynnMs. Glynn, CEO of EMG Global Business Solutions is an Export Strategy & Export Operations professional with 25+ years of experience in export expansion. Elizabeth’s purpose is to help manufacturers increase sales revenue & profits via expanding their sales globally. Her work includes: expanding existing export sales, identifying new exporting opportunities and strategizing competitive global positioning. She works with U.S. manufacturers with a minimum of $3 Million in annual sales and 10 employees. Key sectors include, but are not limited to, industrial, infrastructure, aerospace, electronics, food, testing & measurement.


Valerie Dufix

Ms. Dufix is the Founder of Diamant Carré, a boutique financing firm based in Los Angeles. She worked for the 8th largest bank in the world in Paris – BNP Paribas before she was recruited by Wells Fargo. For 10 years there as a Business Lending Manager in Los Angeles, she coordinated, maintained, and supervised loan processing for small & mid-size business owners. In 2015, she opened the boutique firm in Beverly Hills.


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